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The team at Sicuro Finance Group has a wealth of experience in meeting the financing needs of our client's projects and enterprises through diversified retail banking solutions.

Sam Carter: “We were referred to Sicuro from a family friend. We had received bad advice from another broker and we had hit a huge wall. Mark worked tirelessly for over a year with us, and it is because of his hard work and persistence that we are finally in our own home again. We would recommend Sicuro Finance to anyone without a second thought, thanks so much!

Hayley Jones: “I always wanted to buy a house by myself before I turned thirty but never thought it would happen. Now there are 7 days left until my 30th birthday and my loan and the land has settled today! Who would have thought? Big thanks to Rick at Sicuro Finance Group for arranging my finance and holding my hand through the process. I couldn’t have done it without your support and encouragement!

Jonathon C: “Thanks for the advice Rick. No nonsense; just hard facts and truths that really do help you beat the banks with YOUR money.

Rick just a quick txt thanking you for getting us into our new apartment... you are a legend mate not to mention an all-round great guy! Best, Marino